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Monika Januskyte founded MoniCare in 2003 to provide families with highly experienced domestic staff professionals. With more than 20 years of domestic staffing industry experience, over 2000 long-term placements, and several thousand pre-screened quality candidates, MoniCare is the most trusted full-service household staffing agency in Chicago.

In addition to long-term nannies and short-term babysitters, we also place long-term housekeepers, personalized positions of nanny-house managers, nanny-family assistants, housekeeper-household managers, housekeeper-cooks, executive housekeepers, laundresses, chefs, cooks, personal assistants, house managers, estate managers, chauffeurs, domestic couples and companions. 

Our team of professional counselors has consulted hundreds of clients and interviewed thousands of candidates. We have an extensive knowledge of the Chicago household staff market. We recommend only the most experienced, reliable, and compassionate candidates to ensure your family’s well-being and peace of mind. Due to our rigorous standards, we accept fewer than 10% of applying candidates to our agency. The candidates we do accept are thoroughly screened, personally interviewed at the agency office, and are reference-checked by our licensed placement counselors. Upon placement, we provide the client with a comprehensive Background Check and all hire forms.

MoniCare is known for a consistently high level of service and long-term 6-month guarantee. 98% of our long-term domestic workers stay with the same family for as long as their services are needed. We take a personal, individualized approach to every search. We provide a complimentary Client Consultation to help define every client’s unique domestic position requirements. Our professional staff will guide you through the placement process and provide ongoing support. We strive to build strong relationships between families and candidates.

Which position do you need to fill?

- Nanny
- Nanny-Household Manager
- Nanny-Family Assistant
- After-school Nanny
- Live-in Nanny
- Housekeeper
- Housekeeper-Cook
- Housekeeper-Household Manager
- Executive Housekeeper

- Laundress

- Personal Assistant
- Household Manager
- Estate Manager
- Butler
- Chauffeur
- Domestic Couple

- Private Chef

- Caregiver
- Companion for Seniors



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Placement Director

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Placement Counselor
Candidate Director


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