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Benefits of a Full-Service Agency

Just a few of the most important advantages of working with a full-service domestic recruitment agency:

We help busy families save time.
MoniCare clients are busy parents with demanding careers. In addition to the highest quality candidates, agency guarantee, and expert guidance, our clients want to find ways to save time so they can spend it with their families.

You will know that you hired the best.
MoniCare families have peace of mind knowing they hired the best candidate for their needs. We contact a large number of pre-screened candidates, advertise every position in our Job Listing to attract new candidates, and apply additional proven domestic recruitment agency techniques. After utilizing all of our recourses, we then review, evaluate, and select the top candidates.

You will invest in longevity and quality.
For MoniCare clients, our agency Placement Fee represents an important investment in long-term, quality service. According to our recent survey, 98% of our placed candidates stayed with the same employer for as long as their service was needed – for 2, 5, and even 8 years. Learn more about what our Placement Fee covers and meet the nannies we have already placed.


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