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For busy parents with demanding careers, live-in nannies offer compassionate care with much needed flexibility and convenience. A live-in nanny is a popular solution for parents who have long and unpredictable work hours or frequent business trips (i.e., doctors or business executives). In this childcare arrangement, the nanny works full-time and also lives with the family.

Live-in nannies work anywhere from 8-12 hours a day for 5 or 6 days per week. Although they have a set work schedule, they are expected to cover a certain number of extra morning or evening hours as needed. The maximum number of extra hours should be specified in the employment agreement, and any additional hours will be compensated. Live-in nannies generally get time off during weeknights and weekends.

In addition to a salary, live-in nannies are provided room and board, which may be a separate bedroom with a private bathroom, a separate wing in the house, or a separate apartment. As most live-in nannies do not own a car, the employer is responsible for providing a vehicle for work purposes.

MoniCare live-in nannies are diligent, reliable, and energetic. A live-in nanny placement requires more time and resources, so we recommend starting the search for a live-in nanny as early as possible.

Live-in nanny duties are the same as come-and-go nanny duties. We place live-in nannies for full-time positions only. The weekly salary for a live-in nanny is $600-$950 depending on experience, number of work days, and job duties.

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