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How are we different?

We assume responsibility.
We accept full personal responsibility for every placement, as there is a tremendous amount at stake. When placing nannies, the safety and well-being of the children is our primary concern. For other domestic employees, we focus on the family’s security and comfort.

We make it personal.
Hiring domestic help is an extremely personal - and often emotional - process. We do everything in our power to ensure that our clients are confident and comfortable bringing a new domestic employee into their families and homes.

We give you our dedicated attention.
Every family is unique, which is why we conduct an individual search every time. One of our licensed placement counselors will work with your family from start to finish. Whether you have a quick question or need a full consultation, we are easily accessible and responsive throughout the process.

We guarantee a positive experience.
Our clients are not only looking to hire the best domestic helper, but also a positive search experience. By recommending only the most qualified and professional candidates, we ensure exceptional customer service and support.

Our technology is paramount.
In the domestic placement industry, an enormous amount of information needs to be collected and processed. No available software program had the capacity and features we needed, so we hired our own IT development team and devoted months of hard work to create our own system. Our advanced software program is specifically designed for the domestic employment business, ensuring an efficient application and search process.


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