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files/Main/ Uber Nannies For Hire: Meet The New Family Assistant
by Elizabeth Blackwell
“My daughter would have homework, and I'd be tired—we were both at our witching hour,” Ms. Rubino says. Weekends were the only time to squeeze in extracurricular activities and errands, and Ms. Rubino, a cancer survivor who lives in Chicago's North Center neighborhood, longed for more quality time with her daughter and husband. Full Article >>


files/Main/ Nanny Sharing: Is It Right For You?                                     
by Meghan Streit
“Nanny sharing works well when families have similar lifestyles and parenting philosophies,” says Monika Januskyte, placement director at MoniCare Nannies and Household Staffing, Inc. “The most successful nanny-sharing arrangements we have seen were between families who were already close friends before entering into a nanny-sharing arrangement. Full Article >>

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