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"Our experience at MoniCare was very professional, and we highly recommend them. They understood our needs and had two people for us to interview within a week. We were looking for a individual who was willing to do many things around the house. Our children are older so we were not looking for a nanny. We were very surprised that we had two people to interview, so quickly. We have used two other agencies in the past, and one couldn't even find us someone until six months later. To our surprise, both individuals were qualified. We chose the one that would be a better fit for our family. We have had a very positive experience with this individual and plan on having her for a long time. MoniCare is a company I would use again and have recommend them to others."

Dean Christos
Naperville, IL hired a housekeeper from MoniCare

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"MoniCare exceeded our expectations. Our Placement Director, Sarah Quinlan, listened to all of our concerns in addition to qualities we were looking for in a nanny. She was direct (in a good way), honest and supportive. Within a few days she sent us profiles of various nannies that she thought would be a good fit for our family. She lined up five interviews, all of which were scheduled during a weekend and sent us a list of questions we should ask the nannies during the interview. ...

Today we love our nanny even more than we did on that first day. Our son adores her and it is so comforting to know we can leave for work in the morning knowing he is in good hands. While the fee for MoniCare isn't cheap, we feel it was worth every penny and would definitely use them again (however we plan on holding onto our nanny for as long as she will hold onto us!). We highly recommend using MoniCare. Another plus - if your nanny doesn't work out within a year of hiring her, MoniCare will work with you to find a replacement at no cost."

Abby Ross
Chicago, IL - Lincoln Park - hired a nanny from MoniCare

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"MoniCare Nannies, Inc. is amazing. They helped us find the most wonderful nanny for our son. Our nanny loves our child and treats him like her own with affection, caring and safety always in mind. MoniCare Nannies, Inc. helped us through the entire process of finding our first child this loving woman. I have had such a wonderful experience with MoniCare Nannies, Inc. that I have referred several of my friends and they are just as pleased."

Tina and Jeff Weller,
from Hinsdale, IL hired a nanny from MoniCare


 "There are few harder decisions in life, than determining whom to trust your children with when you go back to work. MoniCare Nannies, Inc. made the entire process of searching for a nanny pleasant and painless. We discovered MoniCare Nannies, Inc. through a web search, contacted them, and they quickly established our nanny requirements and provided us with a number of qualified candidates to interview. They never wasted our time with candidates that did not fit our criteria or wishes. They were always available for questions and were with us every step of the way. We have had our nanny for a year and a half now and she is a joy. The children love her and we don't know what we would do without her."

Keith and Amy Wesol
Algonquin, IL hired a nanny from MoniCare

"I want to express our complete satisfaction of the services MoniCare Nannies, Inc. has provided to assist our family in selecting a nanny that has met and exceeded our expectations. We found MoniCare Nannies, Inc. service very professional and organized. Through our interview process, which was extensive, Monika supported us every step of the way. We highly recommend MoniCare Nannies, Inc. services to other families and have, in fact, handed out MoniCare Nannies, Inc. business card to several. Once again thank you for your assistance and professionalism!"

The Guidarelli family
Chicago, IL hired a nanny from MoniCare

"I heard about the company through a friend who had used MoniCare Nannies, Inc. in the past. The search process was very easy.  After having gone through a nanny search in Chicago city, I was expecting a long, grueling search again in the suburbs, but I was thrilled to have such an easy time searching through MoniCare service.  Monika found five nannies within a short time for us to interview and there were at least three nannies that I would have offered a job to but was able to hire my #1 candidate. I was very impressed by the quality of candidates. I would recommend MoniCare service to other families because I felt they did an excellent job matching requested qualifications to candidates.

P.S. We love Vilma!! Thanks for finding her for us! She has been with us for 4 years now!!! ”

La Grange, IL hired a nanny from MoniCare

"We are beyond thrilled with our nanny that we found through MoniCare Nannies, Inc. 1 year ago. The service was so professional and thorough. All of the five nannies we interviewed were incredible, which made it tough on us to decide, but we certainly chose a treasure. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! She is not only a nanny for us, but she has become a part of our family."

The Kohlsaat family
Darien, IL hired a nanny from MoniCare

"The search process was very easy - we were interviewing nannies immediately after signing up with MoniCare Nannies, Inc. We had constant communication with Monika throughout the process, so she knew what we liked and did not like about each candidate - that way she could figure out exactly what kind of nanny we were looking for to find the right fit. I would recommend MoniCare Nannies, Inc. to other families because of Monika and her professionalism. She showed a lot of personal attention to our family and our childcare needs. She cares a lot about the nannies she recommends and strives to make the best match for both sides. Monika followed up to make sure everyone was happy with the match. I really appreciate the fact that MoniCare Nannies, Inc. gives its clients 12-months guarantee. It shows that they stand firm by their work."

La Grange Highlands, IL hired a nanny from MoniCare

“We found out about MoniCare Nannies, Inc. through the web search. Monika provided us with a very personal experience. All of the candidates that she selected for us were great, so we had many options to choose from. We have had our nanny for six months now and she is wonderful. Our baby is excited when she comes to our home each day. There is nothing more important than your children and the comfort of knowing that your baby is in good hands.”

from Illinois, hired a nanny from MoniCare

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