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- The Kohlsaat family, hired a nanny in Darien, IL

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- The Guidarelli family, hired a nanny in Chicago, IL

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What Our Fee Includes

Wondering what is included in our agency’s Placement Fee? Read on to get a sneak peek of a typical day at MoniCare, and see how our office staff goes above and beyond to ensure our clients’ satisfaction:

• Our licensed placement counselors hold Bachelor’s degrees and have prior corporate recruitment experience.
• Placement counselors are available Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm.
• We advertise our services in major outlets to attract clients and candidates.
• All candidates are interviewed in a professional office space (not coffee shops, like some smaller agencies).

• We approve only 1 candidate from every 10-15 applications we review.
• Initial candidate interviews are held over the phone. It takes at least 20 minutes to gather enough information to determine whether a candidate meets all agency requirements to qualify for an in-person interview.
• Candidates are interviewed in-person at our agency office. It takes up to 60 minutes to fully evaluate a candidate’s experience, education, professional demeanor, loyalty, and personality. Even for candidates that do not meet our expectations, we still take the time to tactfully explain why they are not a good fit for the MoniCare candidate pool.
• We collect all supporting documentation, including reference letters, college diplomas or transcripts, CPR or First Aid certificates, other training certificates, an ID or Driver’s License, and a U.S. Passport or U.S. Green Card. We may need to follow up after the interview to request additional documents.
• When verifying a candidate’s references over the phone, we may need to make multiple calls and leave numerous messages. Although we strive for one-day turnaround, it could take up to 7 days, especially when contacts are busy or traveling. We then complete a Reference Verification for every verified reference.
• After the in-person interview and reference verification, we conduct a thorough evaluation of the candidate’s experience, education, professional demeanor, loyalty, and personality. We fill out a Candidate Evaluationform for every interviewed candidate.

• We provide each client with an in-depth Client Consultation(see “Consulting Services” page). During this consultation, we advise the client on his specific situation, inform him of domestic hire matters, and provide guidance on what works (and what doesn’t) in the current domestic market.
• Every client’s job description is unique, with specialized job requirements. We conduct an individualized search, contacting and evaluating a large number of candidates to ensure the right match.
• We verbally review the job description with every candidate. This helps ensure that we recommend a candidate who is not only qualified, but also enthusiastic about the position.
• After finalizing all essential logistics (experience, work hours, location, etc.), we ensure a match of the family’s and candidate’s personalities. This is the most intense part of the search process, requiring a strong knowledge of human psychology.
• We arrange all Client-Candidate interviews, coordinating and confirming the interview address and time.
• We review all Client-Candidate interviews with the client and candidates over the phone.
• When it comes time to make a final hiring decision, we provide expert advice based on our experience of prior placements and knowledge of the current domestic market.
• We help to negotiate fair salary and benefits.
• We conduct an extensive Background Check (see Consulting Service” page) on all hired candidates, and provide the client with all report results.
• We provide ongoing support for clients and candidates after a placement, addressing common questions about raises, bonuses, etc.

• We are constantly updating our candidate database with new references, availability, and contact information.
• We maintain constant correspondence with all approved candidates, from the ones we interviewed years ago to the ones we just pre-screened last week.


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