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At MoniCare, we stand behind our placements with our generous 6-month guarantee on all long-term, full-time and part-time come-and-go domestic placements. Formal household staffing placements are covered with 4-6 month guarantee depending on the position. This guarantee is effective upon the first day of employment. 

In the unlikely event that the initially hired employee is terminated or resigns the position within the first 30 days of employment, the client may choose between one replacement search or a refund equal the amount of the placement fee, less 25% of the total salary or wages paid to the employee during the period of such employment, as set by Illinois Department of Labor Private Employment Agency Act (225 ILCS 515/0.01-15), and minus the cost ($170) of the Background Reports.

If the employee is terminated or resigns the position after the first 30 days of employment, but before the guarantee end date, the client is eligible for one replacement search.

MoniCare's obligation to conduct a replacement search is not valid if the client: 1) fails to pay the agency placement fee invoice; 2) changes the job description; 3) decreases or increases the work hours; 4) changes the work schedule; 5) decreases or fails to pay the salary; 6) decreases employment benefits; 7) relocates; 8) fails to satisfy all client’s obligations under the MoniCare Client Agreement; 9) fails to initiate the replacement search process within 7 calendar days of the employee’s last day of employment. The replacement search is also void if the work environment and conditions change or if the employee resigns due to immoral or criminal activities within the client’s household.



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