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- The Kohlsaat family, hired a nanny in Darien, IL

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- The Guidarelli family, hired a nanny in Chicago, IL

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Temporary Nanny

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MoniCare temporary nannies provide professional childcare to families on a short-term basis. Clients use this service when they are in-between nannies, still deciding on a long-term childcare solution, need a nanny to accompany the family on vacation, or need coverage for several weeks or months. A temporary nanny can be booked for several weeks or months on a part-time or full-time basis.

Temporary nanny’s hourly salary is $25-$35 per hour, depending on the childcare provider’s level of experience and the number and ages of children. Rate is determined at the beginning of the search.


Temporary Nanny - Agency Placement Fee:
Residential Temporary Placement Fee is 20% of employee’s salary for a 1-180 day temporary assignment (minimum $1,200). The agency guarantees the same employee for the entire requested temporary assignment time frame. For assignments of 30 days or fewer, On-Call Booking Fee of $40 for residential and hotel orders is applicable for every day booked. Temporary nanny’s hourly salary is $25-$35 per hour, and is separate from the agency placement fee and is payable directly to the nanny.

Temporary Nanny Placement Fee Includes:
- Childcare provider selection and introduction
- Extensive Background Check
- Guarantee for selected period of service

Temporary Service Guarantee:
We will refer another childcare provider or refund your temporary booking fee in the unlikely event that an assigned temporary childcare provider becomes unavailable.

To start your search:
Review our Placement Process.
Fill out our Client Application and sign the Client Agreement. We will contact you within 4 business hours.


After School Nanny

After School Nanny

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For busy families with school-age children, an after-school nanny is a convenient and flexible solution.

MoniCare after-school nannies are mature, engaging, and reliable, providing you with peace of mind. They pick up children from school, serve lunch, and supervise their homework. They also drive children to after-school activities, organize play dates, and take them to parks and playgrounds.


Summer Nanny

MoniCare reliable and energetic summer nannies help families with school-age children from late May or early June through August. We choose nannies who demonstrate warmth, kindness, and a genuine love for children. We work only with candidates who are experienced, reliable, intelligent, and able to commit. Summer nannies are available on a part-time or full-time basis.

Summer nanny’s hourly salary is 14-$20, depending on the childcare provider’s level of experience and the number and ages of children. Rate is determined at the beginning of the search.


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