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Hire A Nanny

As the top Chicago nanny agency, MoniCare finds, screens, and places the most reliable, caring professional nannies in the city and all suburbs. Start your search now November Special - $100 Discount on ...more

Family Assistant

An ideal solution for busy families, a nanny-family assistant coordinates and organizes daily family activities. Much like our personal assistants, they work directly as parents’ helpers, completing a range of tasks...more

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Hire A Housekeeper

MoniCare is a trusted agency for fully screened and highly experienced housekeepers available for full-time and part-time work. Our Housekeepers are skilled in deep cleaning, laundry. November Special - $100 Discount on ...more

Housekeeper Cook

Housekeeper - Cook

If you want a housekeeper, but also want wonderful home-cooked meals every night, this is the help you need. These candidates not only keep your home in tip-top shape, but also keep you in shape with delicious meals...more

Administrative assistant in Chicago, MoniCare Domestic Staffing Agency


We place administrative staff with strong time management, and problem solving skills. Our assistants can provide a wide range of support for business. MoniCare administrative staff candidates have strong communication skills...more

Personal assistant in Chicago, MoniCare Domestic Staffing Agency

Personal Assistant

MoniCare personal assistant job descriptions are tailored to the employer's needs. They can work from a corporate office as well as employer's home. They have proper social and business etiquette, and are discreet...more

estate manager, butler

Estate Manager

Estate managers are personnel and property management experts. They act as the head of all household staff for housekeepers, chefs, gardeners and other domestic care workers, usually in more than one location...more

Private Chef

Our private chefs have formal education in the culinary arts and experience preparing cuisine for fine restaurants and formal households. They can prepare foods according to your dietary requirements - vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free...more

Butler in Chicago, MoniCare Domestic Staffing Agency


Butlers are a specialized type of household staff responsible for efficiently running a formal household. A butler is the embodiment of courtesy, discretion, and etiquette. Their knowledge ranges from formal serving protocol to personnel management...more



Laundresses handle all household laundry duties. Their responsibilities are to maintain and preserve fine clothing and all household fabrics. They are experienced in the proper stain removal, washing, drying, and ironing of a variety of fabrics, such as silk, cashmere...more

Domestic Couple

Domestic Couple

A domestic couple is a married or committed couple responsible for two or more domestic staff positions in a household, where each individual has a separate position. Some common roles include manager, butler, chef, cook, housekeeper...more



A companion for seniors serves as a personal assistant and works from the employer’s home. MoniCare companions help to organize the household and enjoy active social life. They perform daily household management tasks, including cooking...more


What is your long-term guarantee? Do you place nannies in the North Shore Suburbs of Chicago? How do I start the search? How long does it take to find ...more

Hiring a Nanny, Frequently Asked Questions

Client Testimonials

“MoniCare was a great experience. Their client processes are very thorough, which makes me feel good that they are vetting the candidates just as thoroughly ...more” 

- Mary Rowe, from Illinois, hired a nanny

Job seeker Testimonials

“Grace and MoniCare are fantastic. Prompt follow-up, detailed information, excellent communication throughout the seamless introductory and hiring process! ...more

- Jennifer Barlettani, Personal Assistant placed in Chicago 

MoniCare vs. Online

Managing your own nanny search? A detailed online nanny search requires up to 80 hours.  Questions to consider - use an agency or search online on your own: ...more

- Benefits of a full-service agency



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