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24 Agency Requirements

We follow an intensive domestic staff recruitment process, selecting only the most qualified candidates to screen, interview, and recommend to our clients. All candidates must meet these 24 Agency Requirements to be represented by MoniCare:

1. Dedication for the profession
2. Minimum 2 years of professional experience
3. Excellent employment references
4. Completion of our 11-page Job Seeker Application
5. Completion of an in-person Agency Interview
6. Completion of our Candidate Evaluation
7. Signature on our Minimum 1-year Commitment Agreement (for all long-term jobs)
8. Completion of high school diploma (Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree or 1-2 years of college preferred)
9. Minimum 20 years of age
10. Strong English skills
11. Good communication skills
12. Hold a government issued ID
13. Hold a valid driver’s license
14. Possess legal status in the USA
15. Satisfactory driving record
16. Possess a vehicle (except some jobs in the city)
17. Completion of CPR or First Aid class
18. Completion of Health Test (required by IL Department of Labor)
19. Non-smoker for nanny profession (preferred non-smoker for other professions)
20. No records on County Criminal Report
21. No records on National Criminal Report
22. Valid Social Security Number
23. No records on National Sex Offender Registry List
24. No records on National Terrorist List

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 Complete 80% of the application or more

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Proud member of the International Nanny Association (INA), adhering to the highest industry standards of professional ethics and service.


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