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At MoniCare, we provide top-notch nanny services to the entire Chicago area, including the city of Chicago and all surrounding suburbs. Our nanny service area extends as far as Lake Forest and Libertyville in the north, Schaumburg and Elgin in the northwest, Geneva and Naperville in the northwest, and Plainfield and Frankfort in the south.

Regardless of location, our clients can rest assured that they will receive exceptional nanny services. Our database includes several thousand of qualified, highly trained, and pre-screened nannies in different parts of Chicago.We only recommend nannies who reside within a 30-minute drive to your home, ensuring punctuality, convenience, and ease of travel.

Since 2003, we have successfully placed over a thousand of top-quality nannies in private Chicagoland homes. Click on a nanny service area below to meet the MoniCare nannies who have been successfully placed with the families in your suburb.

If you have any questions about our nanny services, please contact us today for timely, accurate information


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