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Cristo Paraskevas

MoniCare is a very professional agency with very effective and efficient processes in place. We worked with Grace for the full-time Housekeeper – Household Manager position. She was very responsive and very helpful.
5 days after we contacted the agency, we had interviewed three highly qualified candidates! We could hire any one of them from meeting our family’s needs perspective so we had the luxury of deciding based on secondary factors such as the proximity of the candidate’s house to ours, her background / familiarity with our culture, etc…
MoniCare had tools readily available to help us through the beginning to the end of the process, such as the questionnaire to properly assess our needs, greatly detailed candidate profiles, interview question examples, a format for the agreement between us and the candidate we decided to go with.
Monicare did all the background check and reference work. They made the stressful process of looking for full—time help as easy as it can possibly be.

Sandra Lyles

I applied to work with MoniCare because this is a professional upscale company. They interview and choose highly qualified employees and you are matched with the right clients giving them superior service which meets their needs. I worked with Rebecca getting a great job as a household manager-cook. The placement counselors are great at emailing you a wide selection of clients to choose from in finding the job of your choice. I speak highly to people regarding working with MoniCare.

Albania Cueto

I had a great experience working with Rebecca, grace and Kim they are very professional but at the same time very pleasant and really hands on. They would make sure they understood what I was looking for and kept me posted in jobs, interviews, and details about everything they where working on to find me the perfect match. Very happy about the outcome. Albania

Edyta Koziol

I have nothing, but great things to say about MoniCare Nanny Agency. I had a pleasure of meeting Grace and Rebecca- both very friendly, kind and professional individuals. This company was very helpful and devoted to finding me a job that I would enjoy. They were able to match me quickly with a position that fit my pay expectations, hours and work requirements. I love the family they placed me with and am thankful that I ran across Monicare Nanny Agency.

Rachel Rosenthal

MoniCare placed me with a great family within a week. Their application and screening process is thorough (and a little time consuming) but definitely worth it. The family they placed me with is a perfect fit (me for them and them for me). The staff at MoniCare were professional without being cold or impersonal and I'm very glad I worked with them to get settled into this new position.

Alma Tezen

I had a great experience with MoniCare I was impressed with the on line- application which at the end makes it so much more easy when they interview you. I noticed right away that the software they use gives you the chance to select jobs around you not only by selecting a neighborhood which I thought it was pretty cool. They are very informative and direct. Plus they don't send you where they want or get upset if you didn't like the job. I would recommend them.
I found a fantastic family ! through them and I am very happy.

silva depass

I'm not one to leave reviews, but MoniCare deserves this one. This is such a great agency with warm, helpful and very professional, friendly staff. They have helped me find a great job before, which lasted the last 10 years.I was blessed to work with very caring, thoughtful and friendly family. I trust MoniCare guidance and look forward to working with them again.
Sincerely, Silva Depass

Tina Kot

When I was looking for a job as a nanny or house manager, I chose MoniCare because of my previously very positive experience with that agency. This time and the last time I was more than happy to work with my placement counselor. I could tell that she really cared about finding the right family for me. The family I am currently employed with is a perfect match; I certainly enjoy working for them and I strongly believe they are pleased with me, as well.

Throughout the process of my job hunt, my placement counselor was exceptionally professional and helpful. Her negotiating skills assisted me in creating a schedule that better fits with my other responsibilities and with creating terms of employment.

I am truly confident when I say that MoniCare is the best nanny/household help agency in Chicago!

Jennifer Barlettani

Grace and MoniCare are FANTASTIC. Prompt follow-up, detailed information, excellent communication throughout the seamless introductory and hiring process! I'm happy to report that I've accepted a wonderful Personal Assistant position, and I have MoniCare to thank for the opportunity!

phyllis george

Thanks Monicare for helping me find the perfect family! This is a absolutely a wonderful agency. Everyone apart of their staffing agency was a joy to me .

Thanks Sarah for making me feel very comfortable and confident during the Monicare interview. You did a fanstastic job informing me about the agency and giving me great details on the process of finding the perfect family.

Thank you Grace for continuously reaching out to me about new open positions and setting up numerous of interviews for me.

They send out prompt emails and text! They let you know when a new family is listed or if any new babysitting gigs is offered .

Monicare is all about pairing a family with the perfect nanny / and a nanny with the perfect family. I can say that's what they did for me ! Thank so much Monicare !! I highly recommend this agency!

Kat Stecker

I worked with MoniCare to help find my current position as a cook/personal chef for my current family. Grace Gall was the placement counselor who helped. When I found the position on Monicare I was able to contact Grace and she answered all my questions concern what the family was looking for. I felt like this would be a perfect position for me and my skill sets.
I would highly recommend Monicare and would use them in the future should the need arise. Their staff is friendly and informative with every step along the way.

Jackie Czyznikiewicz

I had a great experience with MoniCare! I applied with the agency when a job in my area was posted, and I received an email fairly quickly from Grace after I said I was interested. We set up an in-person interview and I was in the office four days later.

I interviewed with Rebecca, but Grace handled everything outside of that. She presented me to the family, and set up an in person interview for the following weekend. She knew what I was looking for, and I ended up getting the job offer! She really advocated for me and I really appreciate that.

I have not yet started with my new family, but have met with them a few times are so far they are wonderful. I am very excited to start, and they feel the same!

I would definitely recommend Monicare to others...I actually did tell a friend the other day to apply because my experience was great!

Tatyana Kalitka

Keilia Kettmann

Katarzyna Ciesielska

This is the best agency to look for a job. I am nanny and never experienced such a great service like Monicare offered to me before. They helped me to find a job within a week and I work for great family .
The level of professionalism and respect is impressive. I recommend this agency because there is no agency around Chicago which can provide better service and smoother process.

Julia Davila

MoniCare is very professional very informative and very fast in matching me with the right family . I would recommend this agency to any one I was very inpressed with how well they work . Best experience ever .

Dean Christos

Our experience at MoniCare was very professional, and we highly recommend them. They understood our needs and had two people for us to interview within a week. We were looking for a individual who was willing to do many things around the house. Our children are older so we were not looking for a nanny. We were very surprised that we had two people to interview, so quickly. We have used two other agencies in the past, and one couldn't even find us someone until six months later.

To our surprise, both individuals were qualified. We chose the one that would be a better fit for our family. We have had a very positive experience with this individual and plan on having her for a long time.

MoniCare is a company I would use again and have recommend them to others.

Gd Squidster

Rebecca is an amazing help of finding me a family. She keeps me updated and keep open communication for us so we can create a good relationship between me and my employer. Thanks Rebecca for all your help!
Maria M.