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A true extension of the parent, long-term nannies provide a safe, warm, and comfortable environment for the children in their care. They are not merely caregivers; over the course of their work term, nannies become an integral part of the family. Using love, patience and individual attention, they teach children important life values like compassion, self-esteem, and creativity. At MoniCare, we believe that consistent quality childcare is essential for every child’s well-being. 

MoniCare seeks career nannies in Chicago who are diligent, proactive, honest, and loyal. We select nannies who demonstrate warmth, kindness, and a genuine love for children. We only work with candidates who are experienced, reliable, knowledgeable, and able to commit to a minimum of one year of employment. That is why 98 percent of our nannies in Chicago continue to work for the same employer as long as they are needed.

We devote a lot of time and energy getting to know our Chicago nannies. We only accept 10% of the candidates who apply to MoniCare, and represent the most experienced and reliable nannies in Chicago. MoniCare candidates generally have 4-15 years of prior childcare experience. MoniCare nannies are qualified to care for newborns, toddlers, and school-age children. Although it is not a requirement, many MoniCare nannies hold Bachelor’s degrees, Associate’s degrees, or have completed several years of college. We welcome candidates who, in addition to a proven history as a nanny, also have teaching or daycare experience.

Nanny candidates fill out our comprehensive 11-page Nanny Application that has over 240 questions. All the nannies we recommend have successfully passed our Candidate Screening process and met all 24 Agency Requirements. During in-person interviews, we evaluate the candidate’s experience, credentials, skills, education, character and work ethics.

MoniCare's detailed screening and evaluation process ensures strong recommendations and an instant chemistry between the nanny and the family. Our recommended candidates not only fulfill all job requirements, but also share the family’s moral values and childcare philosophies – the most vital component of a rewarding, long-term working relationship.

Children’s emotional, physical, and social development, and overall safety and well-being, are the nanny’s top priorities. Nannies take care of the children's daily needs, teach them letters and numbers, read books to them, help with homework, organize activities, and take them to parks and playgrounds. Depending on the age and number of children needing care, a Chicago nanny’s job description may include various household tasks as well. See a complete list of nanny duties.

We place nannies for long-term full-time and part-time positions. The hourly salary for a nanny is $13.00-$25.00 per hour, depending on years of experience, qualifications, job requirements, and number of work hours.

For a list of professional nannies we have placed in your neighborhood, visit Meet Our Nannies.

Fee and Guarantee:
There is no fee to start the search, and no application fee. Our placement fee applies only upon a successful hire. Review our Nanny Placement Fee Schedule. The fee includes a full search, extensive background check, and long-term guarantee. We also commit to conducting another full search at no additional cost to you in the unlikely event that a hired candidate becomes unavailable or does not work out. Review our Agency Guarantee.

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