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Free Client Consultation

The Client Consultation is complimentary for MoniCare clients.

We offer professional phone consultations to answer any questions related to hiring, managing, and retaining a nanny, helping to prevent mistakes and frustration.

Consultation Topics:

Defining position requirements
We analyze each client’s situation and position requirements, asking questions to ensure a thorough and accurate job description that attracts the right types of candidates.

Setting nanny requirements
We help clients pinpoint the most important requirements to prioritize in their nanny search.

Defining the nanny salary range
We help clients set the proper salary range based on their position requirements and the current domestic market.

Clarifying nanny benefits
We inform clients on the standard benefits for nannies in the Chicago market.

Interviewing nannies
We interview each selected nanny over the phone or in person, and then provide a detailed summary to the client. We verify all employment references and furnish completed Reference Verified Forms.

Negotiating salaries
We serve as a mediator between the family and the nanny, negotiating a fair salary. Most nannies prefer that a third party assists them with salary negotiations.

Defining nanny expectations
We inform clients on what nannies expect from their employers in areas like compensation, benefits, job duties, etc. Generally, if nannies do not receive what they perceive to be a fair compensation package, they may choose to start looking for a new job instead of broaching a difficult conversation with their employers. At MoniCare, we know that most of these problems can be easily fixed with open communication and a readjustment of employment terms.


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