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Common Questions While Searching for a Nanny

searching for a nanny, MoniCare Chicago nanniesNanny Search Chicago:
We ask all of our clients to describe their ideal nanny in a few sentences. “Loving, warm, and compassionate,” are the first answers from all families. As well as: “Somebody who can work the hours we need and stay with us for a long-time…somebody who understands us and our children, and who will blend in well with our family.”

We help our clients define their needs by asking them to answer our Client Application questions. However, a nanny requirement list can become quite long. To help you refine your search, we have listed some of the most common questions that come up during a nanny search. Using this method, we have successfully completed over one thousand long-term Chicago nanny placements.

• Can she work the hours we need?
• Does our salary range match what she is looking for?
• Is our salary range competitive with the current Chicago nanny market?
• Are the benefits we offer in line with the current standards of the Chicago nanny market?
• Does she drive?
• Does she have a reliable vehicle?
• Is she familiar with our neighborhood?
• Does she live within a 30-minute drive from our home?

• Is she warm and loving?
• Is she reliable?
• Does she relate well to our children?
• Can she serve as a positive authority for our children?
• Does she have a positive outlook and attitude?
• Is she polite?
• Is she intelligent?
• Is she educated?
• Is she energetic?
• Is she neat and organized?
• Is she punctual?
• Is she diligent?
• Does she have the patience to work with children?
• Can she prepare simple, healthy meals for children?

• Does she have the required length of nanny experience with a private family?
• Does she have experience caring for children the same age as ours?
• Does she have any other childcare-related experience? (i.e., teaching, tutoring, daycare, etc.)
• Does she have any profession-related skills? (i.e., cooking, organizing, etc.)
• Does she have any artistic or athletic talents? (i.e., painting, dancing, singing, sports, etc.)

Profession Related:
• Does she understand child safety protocol?
• Can she follow parent directions accurately?
• Is she able to take charge and make decisions on her own?
• Can she work well independently?
• Does she speak and understand English very well?
• Does she know any other languages?
• Can she communicate effectively with children and parents?
• Is she in good health?
• Is she able to commit to long-term employment?
• Why is she interested in working with our family?
• Does our position match up with her career goals?

• Do we share similar childcare philosophies?
• Do we share similar family and life values?
• Does she have strong moral values?
• Does she understand and respect our family’s lifestyle?
• Would she fit in well with our family?

A great nanny is a special person with proven childcare skills, a big heart and tremendous dedication. We are always thrilled to interview Chicago nannies that meet all of our agency requirements. Many qualified candidates apply at MoniCare because of our excellent agency reputation. We are happy to connect great nannies to great families, creating rewarding, long-lasting working relationships.


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