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Nanny Requirements

Nanny Info
MoniCare Nannies, Inc. offers nanny jobs that match nanny's experience level and requirements. We arrange interviews with prospective families and support nannies throughout the process.

Agency Requirements for a Nanny
We follow an intensive domestic staff recruitment process, selecting only the most qualified candidates to screen, interview, and recommend to our clients. All candidates must meet the following 22 Agency Requirements to be represented by MoniCare::

1. Dedication for the profession
2. Minimum 2 years of professional experience as a nanny for a private family (not including friends and family members)
3. Excellent employment references
4. Completion of MoniCare 15-page Job Seeker Application
5. Successful In-person Agency Interview
6. Signature on MoniCare Minimum 1-year Commitment Agreement (for all long-term jobs)
7. Completion of high school diploma (Associate’s, Bachelor’s degree or 1-2 years of college preferred)
8. Minimum 20 years of age
9. Excellent English skills
10. Outstanding communication skills
11. Hold a government issued ID OR Hold a valid Driver’s License 12. Possess legal status to work in the USA
13. Satisfactory driving record
14. Possess a vehicle (except some downtown and live-in positions)
15. Completion of CPR or First Aid class
16. Completion of Health Test (required by IL Department of Labor)
17. Non-smoker
18. No records on National Criminal Report
19. No records on County Criminal Report
20. Valid Social Security Number
21. No records on National Sex Offender Registry List
22. No records on National Terrorist List
We also consider relevant childcare experience (daycare center, high school, private tutoring, childcare related work experience from your home country, etc.)

Agency Interview
Complete and submit your Nanny Application on-line before you call to schedule an in-person interview at the agency. For in-person interview you must bring:

Reference Phone Numbers
Reference Letters
Driver's License (ID for non-drivers)
School or College diploma
Certificates (if any)
Photos with children from families you previously worked for
Any other document supporting your childcare work experience
Plan about 60 minutes for your agency visit. In-person interviews at the agency are by appointment only. For directions to our office, please, click here.

Nanny Work Hours
Here is a list of most common childcare positions:

Full Time Nannies – 4-5 full work days, for 28-55 hours per week, on come-and-go basis
Part Time Nannies – 2-3 full work days, for 16-27 hours per week, on come-and-go basis
Live In Nannies - 5-6 full work days, for 32-55 hours per week, on live-in basis (nanny resides with family)
Temporary Nannies – up to 1 month, full-time or part-time, on come and go basis
Summer Nannies - 2-3 summer months, 4-5 full work days, for 32-55 hours per week, on come-and-go basis
Weekend Nannies - 3-6 months, Saturdays/Sundays, on come-and-go basis
Baby Nurses - 1-3 months, 2-6 full work nights (minimum 8 hours per night; starting no later than 10:00pm), for 32-55 hours per week, on come-and-go basis

Come-and-go Nanny Salary
A come-and-go nanny salary in Chicagoland is between $25-$35 per hour, depending on experience, educational background, and job requirements. Our placement counselor will help you determine the right salary for your nanny position.

Live-in Nanny Salary
A live-in nanny salary in Chicagoland is between $500-$950 per week for 5-6 days of work. In addition to the salary, a live-in nanny is provided room and board. Weekly salaries for come-and-go and live-in nannies are similar, but live-in nannies are expected to cover extra morning or evening hours as needed.

Nanny Duties
Childcare is always a number one priority. Nanny’s main concern is to protect, nourish, love, and educate children. Depending on child’s age nanny duties include:

Bottles, preparation, clean up
Cooking for kids
Starting family dinner
Putting for afternoon naps
Changing diapers
Giving baths
Potty training
Helping dress
Driving to school
Driving to after school activities
Organizing play days
Organizing games, sport activities
Reading stories, rhymes
Teaching letters, numbers
Going to parks, playground
Taking to the swimming pool, library, museums
Playing stimulation and educational games
Doing arts and crafts
Overseeing homework
Doing kid’s laundry
Running children related errands
Keeping toys clean and organized
Cleaning up after children
Keeping kitchen area clean
Tiding up

Such household duties as grocery shopping, running family related errands, starting dinner, vacuuming, or doing family’s laundry could be performed by nannies who work with bigger kids only.

Why MoniCare Nannies, Inc?
Nannies searching for a job through us, enjoy the following benefits:

Personal Evaluation: we help determine which nanny position is right for you
Solid job Offers
Interview Arrangement with a potential family
Agency Assistance: we help negotiate nanny's salary and vacation time
Agency-Nanny Agreement
Agency Guarantee
Agency Support



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