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Nanny Position Placement Process

Step 1. MoniCare Account
To apply for a nanny position, you need to create your MoniCare account first. It is very easy. Click on Nanny Registration, enter your name and e-mail address, create your user name and password.

Step 2. Nanny Position Application
Fill out our on-line Nanny Application. Answer all the questions on your childcare experience and work history, level of education and qualifications, personal information and hobbies. Write down your childcare reference phone numbers, so we could contact your previous families and verify your employment. Tell us what kind of job you are looking for: full-time or part-time, come-and-go or live-in position? Specify the ages of children you prefer working with, number of hours you are available, and your hourly salary requirements.
It is very important to update your application with us regularly. We need to have your current information in order to make a valid job offer. Login back and update your application any time in the future, in case: you have moved to a new address; you have a new phone number; your reference phone numbers have changed; you acquired additional childcare experience meanwhile, etc.

Step 3. Phone Interview
We will review your on-line Nanny Application once submitted. Call us at: 708-588-1122. We will go over your application, ask you additional questions, discuss your employment options and requirements. If everything goes well we will set up the time for your in-person interview at the agency office.

Step 4. In-Person Interview
In-person interview is an in-depth conversation about your childcare experience, overall work history, job requirements and expectations. We will make a list of your strengths and help you determine what type of childcare position is right for you. Please, bring your reference letters, driver’s license (or ID) to the interview. In-person interviews are by appointment only.

Step 5. Reference Verification
We will verify your childcare, nanny position references. You should notify your former employers of your current job search to let them know that agency representatives and potential families will be contacting them.

Step 6. Potential Job Offers
We will call you with a potential job offer. If interested, we will arrange you the interview with a family and provide you with the address and directions. Family interview may take up to sixty minutes; therefore, plan your time accordingly. We will help you prepare for the nanny position interview.

Step 7. Family Interview – Do’s and Don’ts
Always conduct yourself as a professional nanny. Do not be late for a job interview. If you are late, call and inform the family before your scheduled interview time. If you get lost, call the family for directions. Also, do not come to the interview earlier than the scheduled time – the family may not be ready to meet with you yet. Dress clean and neat. Devote some interview time to interact with children. Wear comfortable clothes, so you could get down on the floor and play with kids. Make sure you let parents see that you enjoy working with children and have the right skills for that. Answer all questions clearly. Ask parents your questions about children, their activities, job requirements and duties. Keep the interview focused on how you can meet the needs of the family.

Step 8. Agency Follow-up
Call us to review your job interview. The family will take their time to think and consider. We will follow-up with the family to find out the results on your interview. We will let you know within 2-4 days.

Step 9. Agency-Nanny Agreement
If the family offers you a job and you accept it, we will help you settle hourly salary, vocation time, national holidays, and work hours. These terms will be outlined in our Agency-Nanny Agreement, and signed by you and the agency representative. We encourage you to develop a separate Family-Nanny Agreement with your new employer. This agreement should contain detailed job requirements and daily children needs: children school schedule, list of activities, nutrition specifications, allergies or medicine (if any), childcare related duties, light housekeeping duties, car usage, gas coverage, etc. We have a ready-to-use Family-Nanny Agreement Form for your convenience.

Step 10. Starting the new Job
The family might ask you to renew/take CPR Class and undergo Health Test. We will assist you with CPR Class registration and Health Test forms.

Step 11. On-going Support
Call us any time in the future for a consultation, if a problem arises at work. We are here to help you to the best of our ability.

CPR Certificate

We recommend you to renew or obtain a CPR Certificate before the employment start date. We will assist you with the class registration.

CPR Infants and Children Class is a one time 5-hour hands-on session. It provides training on life-threatening emergencies such as breathing difficulties or choking for infants (birth to 1 year of age) and children (1 year to 8 years of age). At the end of CPR instruction and demonstration, you will have to pass a test on the material you learned. CPR Certificate received from American Heart Association is valid for 2 years. CPR course is offered at many American Heart Association locations. Click here, to find a location near you.

Health Test
Nanny undergoes Domestic Physical to make sure she is free of communicable diseases. Domestic Physical is obtained from a family physician.



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