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Nannies We Placed in Chicago, IL 60614

Nanny ID: 11495  
Nanny ID: 11495
Successfully placed in Chicago, IL 60614
Work Experience 20 years of nanny experience
Experienced with Pre-mature newborns, Up to 3 month old newborns, 3 to 12 month old newborns, 1 to 3 year old toddlers, 3 to 5 year old toddlers, 5 to 8 year old children, 8 to 12+ year old children
Specific Work Experience Nanny experience where a parent worked from home, Nanny experience caring for mildly sick children, Experience with ADD Children, Experience with children who had severe allergies, Cooking experience
Ethical values Reliable, Responsible
Profession Related Personality Traits Kind, Gentle
Character Strengths Respectful, Calm
Intellectual Strengths Bright, Creative
Cooperation, Decision Making Able to follow directions, Able to work in a family where a parent works from home
Diligence Hard working, Punctual
Credentials Has nanny experience where a parent worked from home, Has cooking experience, Has household management experience, Taken courses in early childhood education

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