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Nannies We Placed in Chicago, IL 60614

Nanny ID: 9721  
Nanny ID: 9721
Successfully placed in Chicago, IL 60614
Work Experience 7 years of nanny experience
Experienced with 1 to 3 year old toddlers, 3 to 5 year old toddlers, 5 to 8 year old children, 8 to 12+ year old children
Specific Work Experience Mother's helper experience, Nanny experience where a parent worked from home, Housekeeping experience
Training, Certificates CPR Certificate, First Aid Certificate
Ethical values Reliable, Dependable, Responsible, Dedicated, Sincere
Profession Related Personality Traits Caring, Great with kids, Friendly, Pleasant
Character Strengths Genuine, Has positive attitude, Optimistic, Has a sense of humor, Polite, Composed
Intellectual Strengths Intelligent, Educated, Creative, Energetic, Self-Confident, Communicative
Cooperation, Decision Making Able to follow directions, Able to accept constructive criticism, Has good common sense, Able to take initiative, Has good cooperation skills
Diligence Hard working, Organized, Detail oriented, Attentive, Punctual
Credentials Has a lot of experience with toddlers, Cared for more than two children at the same time, Has experience with special needs children, Has housekeeping experience, Has household management experience, Has cooking skills, Taken courses in early childhood education, CPR Certified, First Aid Certified, Bilingual, Spanish speaking

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