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FAQ - Short-term Nanny Service

1. What’s the difference between a short-term and long-term service?
Long-term is a placement for 12 months or more (generally as long as the service is needed). Short-term is less than 12 months, and can last for one day, one week, or one or several months.

2. What short-term service do you offer?
We offer on-call babysitting and temporary nanny service.

3. What’s the difference between an on-call babysitter and temporary nanny?
On-call babysitters provide occasional immediate childcare for one or several days. Temporary nannies provide childcare for one or several weeks or months. For more information, please read on-call babysitter and temporary nanny.

4. What is a baby nurse?
Learn more on our temporary baby nurse page.

5. How do you screen your short-term childcare providers?
All of our short-term childcare providers undergo the same rigorous screening as our long-term nannies. They are interviewed in-person at our office, pass our Candidate Screening process and meet all 24 Candidate Requirements. In addition, a full Background Check is conducted for all babysitters and temporary nannies. For a list of professional nannies we have previously placed, visit Meet Our Nannies.

6. Do you have an annual short-term membership fee?
We currently offer short-term service with no annual membership fee. Only short-term booking fees are due per assignment.

7. How do I become your short-term client?
The first step is to register with MoniCare by filling out our Client Application and signing our Client Agreement. Then call or email us to give your Work Order.

8. How do I request an on-call babysitter or temporary nanny?
Email or call us. Each assignment has a 4-hour minimum. We prefer a 36-hour notice and require a minimum 6-hour notice.

9. What are your agency’s short-term booking fees?
On-Call Babysitter: $30 per day (4-hour minimum)
Hotel Babysitter: $40 per day (4-hour minimum)
Overnight Babysitter: $50 per shift (residential and hotel)
24-hour Babysitter $50 per shift (residential and hotel)
Temporary Nanny: 15% of total employee’s salary for 15-364 day job (minimum fee $450)
Summer Nanny: $1,000
Baby Nurse: 20% of total employee’s salary (minimum 20 day, night or 24 shift job with minimum fee of $1,100)

10. Do I pay an on-call babysitter or temporary nanny directly?
Yes, you pay the childcare provider directly at the end of service. The childcare provider’s salary is separate from the agency fee, which is charged to your credit card when the sitter is booked.

11. What is your short-term service guarantee and cancellation policy?
Please, read Temporary Babysitting Service page.

12. Can I interview a babysitter or temporary nanny ahead of time?
Due to the nature of short-term service, it is not possible to interview an on-call babysitter or temporary nanny ahead of time. However, we will introduce your childcare provider to you, and provide you with her phone number so you can contact her prior to the assignment.

13. Is it possible to request the same on-call babysitter?
Yes. We will do our best to schedule your preferred on-call babysitter, although we cannot guarantee that a certain childcare provider will be available for the time you requested. You can increase your chances by giving your request to us as early as possible.

14. Can an on-call babysitter drive my children?
We recommend that on-call babysitters do not drive your children. We understand that there might be situations where driving is necessary. In such a case, make sure your insurance policy provides coverage if your sitter is driving. If the babysitter’s car is used, we recommend that you verify her insurance policy, inspect her vehicle for safety, and provide appropriate child car seats.

15. Can a hotel babysitter take my children to the hotel swimming pool?
Hotel babysitters are not permitted to take your children to the hotel swimming pool at any time.

16. Can a hotel babysitter take my children outside the hotel room?
Hotel babysitters are only permitted to take your children outside the hotel room with parent permission.

17. What if I wish to hire the on-call babysitter as our long-term nanny?
If both parties agree, it is possible to hire an on-call babysitter as a long-term nanny. In this case, our long-term placement fee applies as outlined in our Client Agreement.

18. Is there anything else important that I forgot to ask?
All clients are required to sign our Client Agreement and abide to all agency terms and conditions. As a MoniCare client, you agree not to share the names or contact information of any childcare provider we refer to you. You may not directly contact the short-term babysitters and nannies to schedule future workdays. To hire an on-call babysitter or temporary nanny for any long-term position, you must contact the agency.

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