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- The Kohlsaat family, hired a nanny in Darien, IL

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- The Guidarelli family, hired a nanny in Chicago, IL

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MoniCare babysitters provide professional childcare to families on a short-term basis. Clients use babysitters when they are in-between nannies, still deciding on a long-term childcare solution, need a babysitter to accompany the family on vacation, or need coverage for several weeks or months. A babysitter can be booked for several weeks or months on a part-time or full-time basis.

Babysitter’s hourly salary is $14-$20 per hour, depending on the childcare provider’s level of experience and the number and ages of children. Rate is determined at the beginning of the search.

Most of our babysitters are selected from our pool of long-term nannies who have previously worked for our clients and earned excellent reviews. Many of these providers enjoy working on on-call assignments to supplement their current long-term nanny positions or fill in while interviewing for a new position.

All short-term childcare providers undergo an in-depth screening. They are interviewed in-person at the agency office. They have also met all 24 agency requirements and therefore, have successfully passed MoniCare Candidate Evaluation.

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