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Household staff salary range

A starting salary for a fresh-faced young butler should be in the region of US$50-60k and that after two to three years experience that same Butler would be, should be, commanding an annual salary of US$80-150k though not necessarily in the original position.

Salaries vary worldwide and that will always be the case. A Butler’s job is not disimilar to any other middle or senior management position. Be it from country to country or company to company - salaries vary. Of course this is the way the world works and salaries can be, and often are, subject to geographical location and the tax laws of the country in which you will work.

The first figure should be considered as a starting salary for someone new to the profession (but trained) the second figure for someone with 2+ years of on-the-job experience or for greater responsibility/duties/or staff management:

Butler (standard)


Butler (+ cooking and/or P.A. skills)


Butler (formal + oversees small staff))


Butler (formal + oversees 4+ staff)


Head Butler (multiple residences)


Estate Manager


Estate Manager (multiple properties)


Domestic Couple (Houseman/Cook)


Domestic Couple (caretaking)


Domestic Couple (management)


Private Chef (one man operation)


Private Chef (oversees small brigade)




Personal Assistant (office duties)


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